Tequila El Destilador

The history of this noble company is one of struggle, dedication and love for the traditional Mexican drink par excellence. Its beginnings go back to the year 1940 when Mr. Enrique Guillermo Newton Alexanderson, a young businessman with high ideals and the complete support of his wife, Mrs. Olivia Ruiz Rosales, began to market tequila under the “Supremo y Único Tequila Especial” brand that was bottled manually with the help of an employee.

Today, Corporativo Destileria Santa Lucia is currently a modern efficient factory that has the certification of the Tequila Regulatory Board (CRT) as well as of the Official Mexican Standard (NOM). This is where tequila of exceptional quality is produced with authentic traditional flavor by using modern methods and production equipment as well as strict quality control of the product but with profound respect for traditional methods and the original formula for making tequila as it was once produced by its founder, Mr. Enrique Guillermo Newton Alexanderson.